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L][Glare News
[Posted by: Admin - 14.6.2016, 17:30]

- LIVE START SERVER 8.7.2016 20:00 GMT+1
- Every new Clan with 10 online ppl get clan lvl 6 and 50k clan reputations points

...::: LINEAGE][GLARE 30x LIVE FROM 8.7.2016 20:00 GMT+1 :::....

L][Glare High Five server
[Posted by: Admin - 10.6.2016, 11:30]

L2 Glare represents middle rate server 30x with setting for all players. On our server is Olympiad period every 14 days (Heroes are every 2 weeks). Every week each player receives new points for the Olympiad. End of Olympiad period and summary all classes you can see in the Community Board ALT+B. Grand Boss respawn time is shortened and Grand Boss zones are PvP. Reward Coins from normal Raid Bosses. Server has a very customized Community Board ALT+B for the players, it also contains all necessaryNPC in Giran.

Main features:
Olympiad Period is every 14 days
ALT+B Community Board useful functions
Baium - spawn every 5 days + 2 hours random
Valakas - spawn every 5 days + 6 hours random
Antharas - spawn every 5 days + 6 hours random
AQ - spawn every 32 hours + 2 hours random
NPC with Grand Boss time spawn in Giran
Raid Boss spawn announcements
Reward Coins from Raid Bosses
Grand Boss zones are PVP
Every RaidBoss lvl > 73 drop Coins for reward.
Back-Buff system after cancel 60s - more info here

You'll receive lots of fun in the battle of Grand Bosses and Raid Bosses. It's an unique experience! The fun should not end at the level 85! So, when you reach the level 85 so then begin your fun. You never had experienced anything like this! The custom settings Grand Bosses and Raid Bosses will be according to players. Visit our Forum

Download our patch and join us! Just need point the Lineage II Directory. Download here

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